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NEW Corset & Panties - in rose print and only 50L

Saturday, February 14, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 3:36 PM

I made a series of the Corsets and Panties in 7 different rose pattern/colors. Just perfect for Valentines day and to celebrate the day - all of the Corsets and Panties are just $L50. There are Transfer/Mod versions in Bags so that if you are buying for a partner - you can.

Also - If you purchase 15 different items at SWA today (any of the locations) then you qualify for a free Corset and Panties in the color combination of your choosing! You pick the color of the roses and the trim and the lacing etc... I'll be keeping track but please send me a notecard with your name and the transaction record, because Bonbonniere stuff is included because her items are in the store - then the colors you would like.

For those of you who have bought out the store or you would rather just get the corset now - today if you sent me a Notecard with your name (make sure to include your name otherwise I won't know who you are) and the colors you would like - then send me payment for L$150.. I'll get crackin on the custom colorization and will have that to you within the day. Today only - this will only be $L150, and normally the Corsets & Panties set cost L$250, so this a dea;.

Happy Valentines Day People!

Second Wave Apparel: Soigné

Hair: Calla
Skin: SODA Emma Glow
Poses: Anna Lutetia
Rose Earrings: Bonbonniere

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