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I'll be a Juliet in Black Jeans...

Sunday, February 8, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 5:29 AM

Ok - I know the lyrics are "I'll be a Romeo in Black Jeans.." but with these jeans - I feel like Juliet - well a modern version anyway. New release and hopefully you won't burn out on the roses cause I have a ton more in store...

Black Denim Jeans with an Antique rose print that are to die for. They come on 2 layers and have sculpted attachments - however, if you prefer the regular jeans they are modify - so have at it!

Also included with the jeans are SWA shoes that I finally freaking finished. They are platform heels with the same rose print as the jeans. Perfect combo. The shoes are included with the jeans until February 14th and then - well I have something in store for you so let's not spoil it, ok? The jeans are only L$150 - so for all of you who are looking for a great deal - this is it.

In the picture I am wearing hair by Calla called: Calla Dianthus (Honey)
I absoluetly love these pig tails! The best thing is that you can pick these up at Soigne - right across from me and right next to Bonbonniere (which you should visit because I heard that she has some wicked dragon earrings there!). The skin I'm in is by SODA (who is just across the way at Soigne) and is called: Andrea Skin Glow Minimal. The poses in the picture are by Ana Lutetia

Stop by and get some cool ass clothes, skin, shoes, jewelry and more!

Second Wave Apparel: Soigné

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