Sculpted Leather Jacket

Sculpted Leather Jacket Sculpted Leather Jacket

Leather Bra and Panties

Leather Bra and Panties Leather Bra and Panties

Red Leather Dress

Red Leather Dress Red Leather Dress
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Folds and Wrinkles Photoshop Brush - Tutorial How To

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, August 2, 2012 , under | comments (0)

Here's a tutorial overview on how to use the Folds and Wrinkles brush set that I created specifically for all you SL clothing designers.  There is a sample set free download so please feel free to try it out!

Here is a sample of the brushes if you are a little gun-shy about purchasing - the sample includes 2 of the brushes: 

You can purchase the entire set of 27 brushes by clicking on the link below:

Folds and Wrinkles Photoshop Brushes:  Buy Now

Folds and Wrinkles Photoshop Brush set

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Yeah - you know and I know that creating fabric folds and wrinkles for any project can be the most time-consuming task.  Whether it be for a concept design, in-game character outfit (Second Life, WOW, ZWINKY) or for a design that includes fabric this task sometimes can eat away at the valuable hours of your day.

Well no more of that.  I've created a very unique set of brushes that should, at the very least, ease your pain.  Folds and Wrinkles is a set of brushes that will enable you to create lovely draped fabric, wrinkled vests and subdutaneous folds of flesh on whatever your working on.  These are NOT image stamp brushes - they are dynamic and meant to be used with a pressure sensitive tablet. You can purchase the set by clicking on the link below:

Here is a sample of the brushes if you are a little gunshy about purchasing - the sample includes 2 of the brushes:  FOLDS AND WRINKLES SAMPLER

You can purchase the entire set of 27 brushes by clicking on the link below:

Folds and Wrinkles Photoshop Brushes:  Buy Now

Example Video:

Here are the example images for the brush set - most of the brushes are dynamic but I have includes some photo-stamp brushes for use in your designs as well.  Please feel free to use them on personal AND commercial projects.  However - you may not redistribute them without express written permission.

Re-Release of Fae Jewelry

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Ok so we're snowed in here in the ATL - and I thought I might re-release these for the time being on the marketplace.  The FAE or Fairy jewelry set.  So far only the Azure and Dark set but I'm getting the others ready as well.  The only thing is that you will only be able to buy them from the Marketplace as I am just getting back into this and do not have a storefront yet.  But at least you can buy these now...  Click on the image to go to that item in the marketplace.

What I learned from Second Life...

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 , under | comments (2)

I was thinking about Second Life and the fact that I haven't played on it in a while. I have a few items that I WAS making but I think I've hit a depression or something... More on that later. But I realized that SL taught me more than most of my professional jobs ever did or could. So I thought that I might list some of the things that others might find useful - at least as an artist or marketeer:

#1 Planning and Process

Second Life is a rich (read: complicated) environment where what you do, who you meet, what you create depends entirely up to you. So I dove in about 4 years ago expecting to get started with my Digital Fashion house immediately.

Whoa! Not so fast there lil missy! After about a month of struggling and trying to get my stuff together I realized that I needed proper planning. In SL even the most trivial of concepts requires planning. I won't go into too much detail but because of the nature of SL, you have to KNOW absolutely what you want to do. A plan or at least a process that you have set - guides you and keeps your files from getting out of control, keeps you from missing deadlines and most importantly it keeps you from loosing your mind.

If you took a gander at my products in SL - over a space of about 6 months time I became very good at organizing and was able to produce over 50 colors/styles of clothing or outfits in very little time (about 3 days). This includes creating the outfit in Photoshop/ZBrush/3DS Max, Uploading it to SL, Creating the different colors and styles in SL, Boxing it up, Taking Modeling Pics, Creating signs or ads, uploading all of those signs to SL, XStreet and several other places. Not only that but with a plan and process you know exactly how to name things, where they should be put and what to do once you are finished. Which makes life easier when a customer comes to you asking about an item that they bought but for some reason didn't have the item in the box... Personally I blame the sneaky asset server gremlins, but a customer is a customer and they deserve competence.

I think that a lot of people in SL have no idea what lengths creators go to to make stuff and sell it or even give it away.

#2 Photoshop

Now when I started in SL I would have said that my skills were expert level. Again - I had a lot to learn. Not only did SL's limitations and file requirements FORCE me to learn how to really manipulate overlay layers, use the burn/dodge tools, adjustment layers, alpha channel etc. But I also got a heaping of scripting knowledge to boot.

Something that if I hadn't touched SL - I just wouldn't have been aware of. I now use that knowledge where I work. I can export a series of JPGs out of a PSD like no one's business BECAUSE I know exactly how to create files that are not only easy to navigate but easy to change. Layer Comps, scripts, channels, adjustment layers - these are your friends. Don't forget it!

#3 ZBrush

I had NEVER heard of ZBrush before coming in contact with SL. This program was really hard for me to learn. It is nothing like a 3D program or a 2D program but at the same time it is. This program took me over 1 year to learn and use in a manner that I was satisfied with. I can now create just about anything - but like Photoshop this program has so many depths that I do not think I'll ever be finished learning. I'm still hunting for tutorials everyday and I make items in it every chance I get. I love that program and I love SL for making me learn how to use it.

#4 Marketing and Networking

What good is a product or a store if no one ever hears about it. The first store I had was small and rather cute. My friend (who I now hold responsible for my SL addiction) Charlotte Morlette let me use some of her land for my store and I thought that perhaps some of her overflow traffic would come to my store.

That didn't happen at all. It's not like Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come" kinda thing. It's more like - "Yay! You built it... Now get the freaking word out stupid!"

After Floundering for a few weeks etc. I started searching in SL and on Google and asking people, going to blogs etc. It took me a while but I found out how to market my stuff effectively. Honestly though - the marketing portion of selling goods in SL is where a majority of my time went. AFTER I completed a project and set up signs etc.. I would spend about a week or more sending notices, taking out ads, tweeting it, posting it, sending gifts to bloggers etc. (This is probably why I stopped doing stuff on the grid more than anything else).

This part of SL truly showed me guerrilla marketing, social marketing etc. You won't sell a damn thing if you don't market yourself and this holds true in real life as well. Whether you own a brick and morter store or if your stuff is completely online, YOU HAVE TO MARKET YOUR STUFF! Also you really have to make connections and talk to people. Sometimes that is the best way to market your items. Make friends, give presents, ask for feedback etc.

#5 Sometimes you gotta take a break...

It saddens me but at the same time I think I was in need of a good long break. I work full-time as a motion graphic artist or vfx compositor (depending on the day of the week), and SL became a chore. I no longer looked forward to logging in and seeing if any of my friends were online, simply because most of the time they weren't. I didn't even want to open Photoshop to make stuff. I often found myself actively procrastinating (against my own deadlines really) and doing other stuff when I was supposed make something to sell (or give away - I did a lot of that too). It became another job. And although I do like doing stuff for SL - the entire process became a chore. So I stopped. Although recently I've been a little more interested in it and I will probably get back into the game again, I'm not rushing. Simply because I need some time to grow outside the digital walls and explore other avenues.

I think that's about all for right now. If I think of anything else, I'll post it as a continuation of this list. I'm absolutely sure that there are about 500 things, but atm I'm late to an appointment and just like the white rabbit I must skedaddle.

So long for now...

Posted by Unknown on Friday, August 6, 2010 , under | comments (3)

I haven't officially announced this but I feel that it is time to do so. I haven't released anything new in over 6 months (although truthfully I've worked on items and never completed them), primarily because RL has become incredibly busy and frankly I'm just too darned tired to even look at a computer screen when I'm at home.

So - I no longer have a store to walk into etc. It's just been too hard to maintain and watch over. Plus because of my lack of involvement - obviously sales have dropped. Yeah - can't really justify spending all the dough on SL if I'm not actually doing anything (even playing would justify it but I don't log on that often anymore).


I will keep my items available on XStreet until sales go away completely. So feel free to buy that Cheongsam Dress or the Leather mini dress etc. They'll be around for awhile. Here's a link to my storefront: Sioxie Legend on XStreet

And with that - I bid you adieu for now. I might be back later on if my life ever calms down.. but it will never be like it was before. Feel free to IM me though - my feed does go to my email and if you ever need something or have questions I will log on for that.


Sioxie Legend
Digital Fashion Designer with a heavy heart

(P.S. I didn't want to do this, I hate it. I really do. I feel like I'm cutting an arm off but honestly it's something that has to happen right now. RL isn't something you can log off of.)

Cheongsam video

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As if you needed any other reason to buy the Cheongsam dress - here's a video to entice you more!

Second Wave Apparel - Main Store at Excelsior

About me

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I am a Motion Graphics or CG Artist by day and Second Life Fashion designer by night. I love that in SL there are no limits and you can create anything you want, be anything you want and pretty much go anywhere.

I only spend a small amount of time on my Second Life business but I do take it seriously. I usually log in at least 1-2 times a week, but occasionally you might find me on every night in one week.\

I love to create items but I'm always open to new ideas and even criticism. So if you have a suggestion or want something in a different color feel free to chime in - you can IM me, send me a note or even email me: