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So long for now...

Friday, August 6, 2010 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:34 PM

I haven't officially announced this but I feel that it is time to do so. I haven't released anything new in over 6 months (although truthfully I've worked on items and never completed them), primarily because RL has become incredibly busy and frankly I'm just too darned tired to even look at a computer screen when I'm at home.

So - I no longer have a store to walk into etc. It's just been too hard to maintain and watch over. Plus because of my lack of involvement - obviously sales have dropped. Yeah - can't really justify spending all the dough on SL if I'm not actually doing anything (even playing would justify it but I don't log on that often anymore).


I will keep my items available on XStreet until sales go away completely. So feel free to buy that Cheongsam Dress or the Leather mini dress etc. They'll be around for awhile. Here's a link to my storefront: Sioxie Legend on XStreet

And with that - I bid you adieu for now. I might be back later on if my life ever calms down.. but it will never be like it was before. Feel free to IM me though - my feed does go to my email and if you ever need something or have questions I will log on for that.


Sioxie Legend
Digital Fashion Designer with a heavy heart

(P.S. I didn't want to do this, I hate it. I really do. I feel like I'm cutting an arm off but honestly it's something that has to happen right now. RL isn't something you can log off of.)

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  1. I am sorry to see you have to close up, but I am glad that RL has taken the front seat. Yay for Xstreet, and I hope to see your return one day :)


  1. joan faires says:

    sorry to lose your and your store's presence in SL. love your stuff!

  1. Prissy Price says:


    Come Back!
    Call me -Prissy Price