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Why I give away stuff...

Monday, May 19, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:47 PM

Those of you who hang out on Fashion Consolidated Cafe or Fashion Emergency or in the SWA Evaluators group know that I do this - habitually. I give away stuff. A lot. This isn't the random reject item either. Sometimes it is an entire fatpack or the latest creation.

Now, I know, your asking yourself "Is she nuts?"

Well maybe just a little. I get into manic and depressed states. In my manic state - I create tons of items (not all of it here - I have items on turbosquid, dreamstime, and stockxpert as suztv), but hardly communicate with anyone. But in a depressed state I tend to chat more and give away items. I do this because it makes me feel a lot better. I don't know why - but it does. I'll just start chatting and then tell people in the chat that whomever IM's me gets so & so item. I have to say that it is one of the best and most fun things that I can do in SL. The response I get from you all is magnificent and endearing and it makes me turn over the depression that much quicker and gets me geared up to create more for you.

Kinda like a vicious cycle isn't it? I make stuff - I get depressed - I give it away - I get manic - I make stuff. Now, I am in no way trivializing Manic-Depression or Bi-Polar disorder, I have not been officially diagnosed, but lets just say I have my suspicions and that it runs in the family. So - until I see a Psychiatrist and get some meds, you all are on the beneficiary end of this tragic Fashion cycle. I don't want to level out either - I really kinda wonder what it would do to me if I did level out. Would I be able to create with such passion? Would my art be as good? Who knows...

Until then - if you hang out in the fashion chat channels or if you happen to be in my store and I start talking, it won't take long until I burden you with one of my items. I'll be looking for you and I hope that you will help me lift my spirits. I <3 SL Fashionistas.


Sioxie Legend (Currently in a manic state - 24 hours until the next depressive state)

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  1. hugs you very tight, I honestly hope that some of use make you smile and laugh and have some joy, without having to give stuff away, what you do is great, i have seen you do the who wants a free skirt thing in fashion E , and I am lucky enough to be on your showcase SWA list, but even if I never was, I remember stalking you that day lol because we chatted in offlines and I saw that there was more to you than SWA.

    I found your incredible talent in the advertising graphic artist work you have done, and I was and still am in awe of your skills.

    I agree with the leveling out thing being much scarier than dealing with what has become your highs and lows, and if you lost the inspiration and passion to design that wouldn't only be a loss to you but to the community that adores you.

    Hugs you again, you are an incredible Lady ♥

    xox Sasy xox

  1. Summer says:

    I don't think you need a reason to be kind to other people, perhaps it says more about you then you admit to yourself..that you really have a lot of worth and enjoy sharing with others. Bravo.
    Summer Loon