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Henley Tank and Twisted Glitter Bikini available on ONREZ and SLX

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 8:16 PM

Yep! That's right! Those lovely items are now available on ONREZ and SLX - so for all of you looking for that perfect gift, don't hesitate to buy it through either website. I love both of these sites as it makes gifting VERY easy and I have had very few problems (most of which have been because of SL itself not the sites). I often shop through them as it makes it easier than going from store to store trying to find the item that you need.

It also helps if you are trying to get ready for a party and only have a few minutes to search and purchase the item... Ahem, not that I've EVER waited until the very last minute to get my dress for a party...

You can purchase the Items Here:

Twisted Glitter Bikini - ONREZ

Twisted Glitter Binini - SLX

Henley Tank - ONREZ
Henley Tank - SLX

Don't forget that most (if not all) of my items are available through these two websites - so feel free to peruse the stores and don't ever be afraid to favorite my items or leave comments and ratings!

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