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SecondLife® transaction issues and dealing with problems...

Friday, April 4, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 10:22 PM

I would like to say that as a merchant in SecondLife® I pride myself on customer service and try to help solve any issues that SecondLife® has caused a customer. Today I have had several transactions go stale and the item not being received via SLExchange. One customer even threatened to file an abuse report even though on my end I did not receive the funds and other than refund her money that I DIDN'T receive or resend the item that I didn't receive funds for - there isn't much that I can do.

If this situation arises, as a customer - please take into consideration that SecondLife® is going through some issues with the new update and transactions are prone to "flakeyness." I will continue to offer customer support and help in whatever way possible but it is always best that when dealing with a webservice like SLExchange and OnRez that you file a ticket first and then if the item is not delivered or money not refunded after 24 hours, contact the seller. I don't own their servers, I do not have "special" rights that enable me to complete transactions on their servers, I can only file a ticket and hope that it comes out right. I have delivered 5 outfits in-world after getting terse IMs from irate customer from SLX - I did not receive funds for those outfits either in-world or through SLX so I have basically been jilted by the webservice, I cannot blame the customers and I do not make it a habit of sending items I didn't receive payment for - but I understand why they're upset. I am considering putting my items on-hold on SLExchange until their servers or communication with SecondLife improves. I will post again here to let you know if that happens.

Also - when sending a request to a merchant, your tone and manner in which you present your case can make all the difference. If you are angry at SL, OnRez or SLX, do not take it out on me - I am not the one in charge of their website and I am certainly not in charge of SecondLife®. If you are terse and belligerent it really doesn't help in my dealings with you, a succinct notecard with the transaction details (when, how much and what you bought) is all I need, not "I am filing an abuse report with SL because my transaction didn't go through and it's your fault!".

I would also like to request that your patience in this matter is of the utmost importance and it will be rewarded. Ask anyone who has dealt with me and you will find that I am very kind to those who are kind to me.

I appreciate my customers - each and every one of you, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be such a success. I am willing to help, but please afford me the kindness and consideration that you would want from me - we are all humans behind those avatars and being mean - well it hurts my feelings.

'Nuff said.

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  1. I SO AGREEEEEEE! (wink). Yes, it has been a tough week and yes, things have gone wrong, but to assume it is the RETAILERS fault is simply uninformed at best and stupid otherwise. I changed all my clothes and shoes to Copy- No Transfer JUST so that it would be easier and fairer for me to replace items. I, personally refused to deliver an item that I never got paid for (this long ago and not part of THIS round of problems). I told the person to file a report with LL(r) since they were obviously the ones that messed up. I still have about a thousand NON clothes items however that are mostly transfer. So much hair pulling and deep breathing before typing back to some very nasty people. The "can you help please" IMs are going to go a lot farther with me than the "FIX THIS!!! " rants. Since DE Designs posted that they may close from time to time rather than deal with this, I can only assume it is widespread. Most of my problems have been for things that had CONTENTS rather than copy items. But that doesn't solve anything. Any copy only items were of course replaced quickly. You know of course that you are not alone, but that doesn't help much.

  1. During this time I bought something for 35L, money went out but didn't receive the item. Figured the poor designer was probably inundated by "Purchase not delivered" IMs and notecards, decided oh well, it's only 35L and then tried to purchase the product again. Luckily it arrived the second time! LL has a lot to answer for if you ask me!