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My SLX boxes - updated

Saturday, April 5, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:12 AM

I think that the problem between SLX and my inventory has been solved - one of my inventory boxes was returning an invalid script which was in-turn causing server errors. I have updated all of my boxes to the most current version for SLX and everything should be working. If you tried to purchase the Siren Sundress through SLX and were unsuccessful - please try again. I am running a special promotion and on SLX the Dress is only L$250 instead of L$350 - this is a DEAL.

Also the free hats and gloves are on SLX as well. Siren SunHat and Gloves

Siren Sundress Easter Plaid on SLX
Siren Sundress Asian Blossom on SLX
Siren Sundress Red with White Hearts on SLX
Siren Sundress Latte on SLX
Siren Sundress Pink Hearts on SLX
Siren Sundress Tropical on SLX

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