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RFL - Corsetted Acidwash Outfit

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:40 PM

I released this last night and it made me feel a little better knowing that amongst all this "stuff" I can still make something and contribute to a cause that is very worthwhile. I have created another corsetted jean outfit with corset laced - acid wash jeans, and a corset-laced top. The top is on 3 layers and the jeans on 2. Sculptie attachments for the legs (yay!). Transfer-mod. The kiosk is right outside the shop and you can donate how ever much you want but donations of L$250 or more will be rewarded with this outfit. So come on by and help support a great cause and get a cute outfit to boot!

Visit in-world: Secondwave Apparel
SL Exchange: SecondWave Apparel - Sioxie Legend
OnRez: Sioxie Legend

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  1. Love that shade of pink :)