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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:57 PM

I have created a new group in-world called Fashion Hawks - this group is to help designers locate purported content thieves. What I would like to happen is that fashionistas who love their designers to join, as they recognize the style of the clothes and can tell right off if someone is selling stolen content.

I will try and keep the notices to a minimum (1-2 a week) and I will select a few officers who will be able to send notices (hopefully this will limit the amount of notices flying around). Also - one of the group rules is that people investigating these places not engage or discuss the possible content theft with the owner of the store or sim. We do not want to let them know we are on to them - the designer needs time to file the DMCA. The idea behind this group is so the designer can locate content thieves more quickly and gives them more time to devote to creating fashions (or buildings, or shoes etc.). Imagine if there were 200 people looking all over the grid for this stuff - it would be easier to locate and pics etc... could be taken and given to the designer so that they in turn could file the DMCA or whatever they needed to do. Now imagine if there were 2,000...

I have spent an inordinate amount of time hunting down my clothing textures and NOT creating - I'm bored and frustrated and feel that if more people were involved in this, I would be closer to finding the offending party and have a lot more fashions done for you to wear.

If you would like to join - please send me a notecard with your name so that I can invite you - as this is an invite-only group. I would prefer people be at least 6 months old to join, but there are exceptions to that and if you feel that you can contribute please send the note.

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