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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 3:46 PM

I know some people have issues with labels or insignia's on clothing - but I noticed that my vests were taken and not any (at least that I'm aware of) of the leather pants or jeans (which were created at about the same time). My question to you is, would you mind if the SecondWave label or insignia were on the clothing that you purchase from me? I would keep the labels unobtrusive and discreet, but still legible and it would be harder for content thieves to copy the item without cost to them - plus it would be easier to identify if it were a stolen item. Comment in the blog please, as I am interested in your opinion.


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  1. Hethr says:

    I actually like little tags like the one's on your pants. I think you could just treat it like an extra little detail, then it could serve 2 purposes :)

  1. It's fine with me Sioxie -- I'm proud to wear your clothes :)

  1. Odelia Boram says:

    I would not mind, as long as it wasnt huge. If its a way to stop content theft its worth it in my opinion. I think its a good idea.

  1. Im totally pro Labeling.maybe put your shopname or sign on a buckle or other small parts/Details.I often saw labeled clothes in SL but i never saw any copies of them

  1. ForteanLady says:

    Hello Sioxie.

    I love your shop. I discovered you via the zippered jeans last year.
    I just bought all three sets of leather vests...I did wonder why such lovely garments were so cheap.

    I particularly like my denim to have a logo or insignia...your shop is my first stop for denim and lovely casual clothes. The roman halter tops are gorgeous and can be worn dressy or casual.

    I personally say a big YES to labels and insignia if it stops the pond life copying your hard work.
    I'll join the group too.

    Don't let the scum sucking pondlife get away with it!

    Best wishes,
    Arbella DragonashXx

  1. Cinthia says:

    I agree with the opinions here, I remember Last Call for example, specially the jeans and pants often had tags.

  1. Chic Aeon says:

    As long as they are VERY tiny, I think it would be fine. Like a "quarter inch by one inch" in the seam tag that is on some clothes. I have a free necklace from a shop that when you look REALLY closely, it has their logo on one of the beads. Now I can't imagine anyone having a problem with that. BUT I think it would need to be very unobtrusive so that it didn't appear to be free logowear which I definite don't do (well not often - wink).

  1. CarterD says:

    I already own a few pants & shorts with the designer label on the waistband... like "LEE" & "LEVI" jeans in RL. somewhere I even own shoes with the designer initials on the soles.
    I think it's cute & a great idea! & if it helps prevent theft then wonderful!

  1. vangoghfreak says:

    I love the tags on your pants and skirts...makes them more realistic to me...I am all for it especially if it cuts down on theft.
    Reading back through your blogs, I saw that the Girls Paradise sells ripped stuff as well (according to one comment under that post)...guess i need to put on coloured glasses to battle that pink and wander around some more.

  1. Robin says:

    The only cost to them would be 10L to re-upload after they photoshopped off the label. But I do like labels on things regardless.

  1. Robin - But that's the point.. If every designer did this then the would-be thieves would have to spend a lot of time and energy erasing the mark plus they would have to re-upload the item. From what I have seen out there the copied items were done with the "Copy-bot" which duplicates the texture without cost to the perpetrator. It would only be a small stop-gap among others I am going to be doing; but it should go a long way in helping slow the content thievery.

  1. Sai Pennell says:

    I am not entirely fond of giant labels that distract from the clothing. But, if you keep them very small, it probably wouldn't bother me. :D

  1. Sirana Bing says:

    I love the little tags on the clothing...esp so when others ask, "where did you get that?"....its a great idea : )

  1. If the logo were discrete. A tiny label that appears to be sewn in to a seam or sewn on the lower edge, the leather patch on jeans, that sort of thing. I will not wear big logo items, but there are many ways to add a logo where it accents the design, and accomplishes your goal of discouraging content theft. So, go for it. This sort of logo will not discourage me from purchasing.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm all for labeling to protect from content theft. SL only gives you so many ways to protect yourself...

    On the other hand, I wouldn't want it to be big. It's not that I'm not proud to wear stuff by you (heck, if I wasn't, then why would I buy it?! :D)...but on the other hand, I don't want to wear something that just seems to advertise a brand (one reason I don't shop at old navy IRL). But as long as it's fairly discreet, I'm all for it. :)You could even do a sort of hang-tag on it, something that sticks sounds like that'd be easier to remove with SL's appearance editing tools, but those cut off so rough, it wouldn't work well. Just a thought.

    Just don't make it "logowear". I don't even wear that when it's free...muchless having to pay for it. :D

  1. I would suggest one that is visible and a logo/initials of some sort that is distinctive but hard to see. Even if they bother to redo the obvious one, you have the fall back of one they may not even notice. And that one could be placed on every item you create.

  1. Cerrie says:

    Just about every article of clothing we wear has some sort of branding attached and though you truely can't get away from them all you can choose to avoid them. I am not a fan of the it. I think if it is a simple as putting something on the pocket, what is to stop a really determined thief from just smudging it out or slapping a decal on it? I have read alot about what Nicky Ree has gone through and though they were her designs they would be very unrecognizable to the occasional shopper. I don't have the patience to be a content creator and I gladly throw down my clams to those that have something good and original, but I don't think placing a little inobtrusive mark on your clothes would stop someone, but I guess you have to try don't you?

  1. Salvia says:

    I actually kind of like a small label, too. I've only put my name (high up on the back near the neck) on my free shirts, but I think especially for t-shirts, it's cute. Or jeans, yeah. I think it's a good idea, frankly. I'm not sure how much harder it would be for someone to remove the labeling, but at least it's another step.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything here. Do what you need to do to fight content theft and make your product that little bit much more distinctly "yours." Go for it!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd be fine with small tags on your clothes. I know you can do it tastefully.

  1. Throwin' in my .02L$ (tm) I don't mind labels on clothes at all. I do prefer that they be somewhat unobtrusive, though and look like they belong there. I've got a pair of jeans that I really like(I can't remember now who made them) but there is a ginormous label on the back pocket. That bugs me because it doesn't look like it "fits" with the design. Make it realistically sized and I don't think anyone's going to notice too much. Oh, and I love Nyte's name on back pockets of her jeans! It looks like an embroidered type design until you start looking close. Do what works for you, and mix it up. At least keep the thieves on their toes. ;)

  1. Miriam Mayne says:

    I don't mind labels on quality clothing at all as long as they are tasteful and match the overall look and feel of the item.