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Review copies - to give or not to give...

Thursday, October 11, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 5:29 PM

Following Ana's lead I thought it might be wise to post this, since I have never even made a clear indication of what my review copy for bloggers is.

I will on occasion give bloggers that I know or read, review copies of my stuff - that being said I know that as a blogger you cannot possibly review every item sent to you and some don't even want the free copy. That being said, if you hear about a new product of mine and you write for a blog - just simply ask me for a review copy. I have no problem giving review copies to bloggers - even if a review ends up being less than perfect, I appreciate candid honesty and would rather have someone point out mistakes as well as the good stuff. ;) Also if you receive items from me for review, but your policy is not to accept free copies - my apologies. Send me a note (if you have the time) and let me know that you prefer to remain off of my "send to" list.

If you would like to be on my permanent blogger list of "send to" let me know by sending a notecard in-world - however I still maintain my right to choose whom I send it to, as anyone can have a blog and not everyone who blogs does so with altruistic intentions.

On a side note:

As an artist sometimes bloggers review products but the feedback is not what we were expecting to hear. Most give good feedback, good as in pointing out imperfections as well as good things but we artists have tender egos that deflate easily so it may not be that we're mad at you - just a little embarrassed maybe? Perhaps knocked down a few feet and brought back to reality that we really are only as good as our last creation. This, although painful, does help the creation process. It keeps us in check and helps when coming up with the next great idea. I guess that what I am saying is that without you Fashion Bloggers or Product Bloggers, we designers and artists would have very little feedback and I certainly wouldn't know where to shop. You're all doing such a fab job!

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