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Friday, October 12, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:36 PM


All I can saw is WOW! OMG! I was reading the newest issue of SecondStyle Magazine and noticed that Celebrity Trollop is wearing one of my lace camis! EEEEEK! Then she told be that that is her favorite one and she wears it quite a bit! I am soooooo flattered.

You know - just to celebrate I think I'll have a sale. This weekend - Saturday and Sunday - Camis, only L$20 and the New Fall tops 50% off! I will send out a notice and update the blog when the sale goes live.

Jeesh! I am still blushing.

You can download a copy here SecondStyle Magazine, and I'll see about getting a stand in my store for you guys.

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  1. Ana Lutetia says:


    You are talented. :)

  1. that's wonderful!! The lace tanks are so versatile! I just spent money at the sale ^_^