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CrossTops Version 3

Sunday, August 19, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 8:41 PM

Ok - I did it again. I revamped the crosstops but only at the suggestion of a great person named Astrid Soon (also a very good customer). She just wanted a cammo version of the crosstop but I took it a step (ok, maybe a mile) futher. So I went crazy and made 4 different cammo versions - pink, blue, purple and green.

Then I said to myself "self, what about Hawaiin prints?"
Oh great! Hawaiin totally wicked! I tried it and they look awesome! So for all you surfer girls out there - these are for you- dudettes. Cowabunga! There are a total of 4 different Hawaiin patterns: Tradewinds, Red Hibiscus, Blue and Blue Bird of Paradise.

After that I looked at the top and thought that maybe something lolita-ish would be cool and then the plaids were applied and they look so wonderful! I will definately have to make mini-skirts now. I am a little hesitant about making skirts as the system skirt is well, yucky, and the prim skirts are "ok" but look odd when we sit or stand weird. But hey - that will definately be something for y'all to look forward too. 5 different plaid patterns: Cinnamon, Lavender, Periwinkle (don't ask), Green-n-Pink, and Aqua - all of them uber cute and they go with just about ANY mini-skirt or tight leather pants or some of the perfect fit jeans.

Anyway - the dots came about because it was 2 am and I was thinking that something 50's would look fab - so I did it and here they are. You can get Black dots, Greendots, bluedots and pinkdots.

All of the crosstops come on 3 layers and the individual tops are available for L$65. Get them in-world:

or on the SLExhange:

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