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Thursday, August 9, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 5:22 PM

Yes - I took a break and I didn't make ANYTHING for almost a month - but now I am back!

I just released the super cute & sexylace tank. With silk highlights and an embroidered lace look - you could wear this with anything (or just with some cute underwear). I created 11 colors but only 10 are available to the masses. If you want the 11th - you have to join my group, SecondWave Apparel. The colors that are available to the public are Black, Copper, Crimson, Emerald, Lilac, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Silver and Skyblue. These have 3 layers are transfer/mod and are only L$75!

Available at the SecondWave Apparel main store: Second Wave Apparel, Plush Gamma (99, 210, 21)

Oh and BTW - the lace IS NOT PHOTOSOURCED (and yes I am that good), although the wrinkles are - but I essentially took a picture of wrinkles on a white sheet and totally manipulated the crap out of them to create the rouched touch. To get the silken highlites and such - just use curves baby - yeah curves!

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