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Ok - Awesome! The Asian Dress is finished!

Sunday, October 11, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 5:27 PM

Some of you may or may not have known that I was working on a few things at the same time - when I do this it takes me longer to finish those items but I'll tell you that this one was definitely worth the wait. I think that ColdPlay is responsible for this dress - primarily for their songs "Life in Technicolor" and "Lovers in Japan". OMG I just totally love those songs! So I had to - HAD TO - make this outfit!

The dress is in itself a work of beauty (no I'm not being modest right now, check back in an hour), but I have included China Doll shoes which have the same texturing as the dress, a Parasol with the same iconic dragon and Little gold Baby Dragon Earrings. This outfit is horribly cute and super chik. I dare you to play those ColdPlay songs while you wear it... seriously! Anyway - while researching the dress (trust me everything at SWA is researched to the hilt, usually 1,000s of images and hundreds of pages of information go into each design) I found out that it is actually called a "Cheongsam" - at least that is what all of the factory direct companies from China are referring to it as.

I feel very proud of this and I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I do - more colors may be coming but I wanted to take it slow this time and find out what colors people really wanted/needed.... SO please don't hesitate to ask me or send me what color you think you would like to rock out loud in Asian style.

Find the Cheongsam Asian Silk Dress in-world here: Second Wave Apparel @ Soigne

Also Available on XStreet:

Black Silk Cheongsam
Red Silk Cheongsam

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