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WISH Joins Soigne

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:05 AM

Ok - since I've had a little bit of time off, I can finally get to blogging about stuff that matters to me and quite possibly you as well. Anyways, y'all know that my sis Iseult owns Bonbonniere and was a big prescense at Soigne - well she's decided to take a break from SL for a while, but while she is doing so a good friend of mine is taking that spot at Soigne shoppe quad. Welpie Heinrichs is a marvelous shoe designer and really wonderful person. If you've never been to her store - you should stop by and check it out. She has a ton of items for your feet - plus some of the cutest little purses ever!

Anyway - take a look at the new extension store she has where Bonbonniere used to be (right next to Calla on that quad).

W.I.S.H @ Soigne

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