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You should treat your files like Jesus does souls..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:24 AM

Save them!

I just recently went through a horrifying ordeal that made me kick myself and oh! I was cursing up a storm. Stupid GIRL! Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

Well - I live in Georgia, and we recently had a snowstorm (yeah I know all you that live in the white crap up North are laughing) which knocked out the power. I was doing stuff on SL at the time and the folder that I was in on my drive just happened to hold the past 2.75 years of SL creations. When I logged in today - the folder wouldn't open. OMG! OMG! OMG! It's gone.. Total depression set in and I just about threw up... You can't imagine the consternations and all the thoughts that went through my head.

But... I am not one to give up. After consulting some of my guru friends (Thanks Simone I owe ya big time) I did recover my files... It was gut wrenching though. Thinking about all the files I've created and how much work I put into them. It isn't even like I would need them absolutely but a few I use frequently and as a base for other items (the jeans, the vest, leather pants) so to loose those would mean I'm back to square one. Yuck. Not that I mind creating things - it's just I'd rather focus on the creative aspect of an item and not necessarily the technical side.

I'm just posting this as a word of warning for all of you who create things. Please, save your files to DVD and/or another drive somewhere. Don't be lame, save.

That's what I'm doing right the heck now... Burning DVDs baby.

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  1. mm says:

    Wow! I'm glad you recovered your files! But how do you burn them to DVD? I know that might be a lame question but I haven't seen how to do that anywhere...

  1. Suztv says:

    with the DVD burner..

    After I recovered the files I popped in a blank DVD into my DVD recorder drive and burned them. Unless you're just messin' with me then - ROFL.

  1. mm says:



    I don't know how to get files off Second Life to burn to DVD, and I can't find how to do it

    I have a DVD burner on my mac but I'm something of an idiot when it comes to figuring out things like that, I guess I should go to the forums or something

    btw I live in Georgia too and it was like summer today :)