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New Top at SWA

Sunday, February 22, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:32 AM

Yes, new as in brand new. No revamp, no re-texture. Totally new. And this is the first design of many to come thanks to CS4. I have to tell you I was rather burnt out in trying to guess at where seams ended and began or, seeing the design you work so hard for begin to crumble when you bring it in world. Don't even tell me that the previewer helps - cause it doesn't. Anyway - the new top is an inspired design that I've seen over and over. I believe the first time I saw it was on Marilyn Monroe and since then in many a fashion magazine since... No I'm not that old, but I do watch old movies...

Tube Top halter with bikini bottoms - you can tuck the top in, leave it untucked or you can wear the bottoms for that 1950s swimwear look. The top is on 3 layers and there is the bottom of the top (somehow it sounds strange to say it that way) on pants layer and the jacket layer in the longer length. Each top comes with matching bikini pants on the underwear layer. Only L$100, but just for a little while you can pick these puppies up for just L$50. Eight different colors in both knit and satin textures - Enjoy!

Second Wave Apparel: Soigné

Hair: Calla - She has a shop at Soigné
Skin: SODA Emma Glow (You can pick it up at the same SIM - Soigné)
Poses: Anna Lutetia

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