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Which colors are your favorites?

Sunday, January 25, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 8:52 PM

I posted a poll regarding which colors are your favorite for buying clothing or just wearing clothes (for those of you who make things or just stick to freebies). It's interesting to note that so far Black, Red, Pink and Blue are by far the colors that people tend to stick to at SWA. I asked several other merchants and that color range seemed to hold true across the board (a few had purple as an outstanding choice.)

The question was brought up on the XStreet forums and being that I am intensely curious about consumer views and choices - I thought a poll would be a good way to determine what is or isn't popular at the moment. If the color that you like isn't on the poll - speak up and comment here!

There were also a few tools that builders and designers might like that were mentioned in the forum too. One of them is really kinda cool - it's the Name that Color web page. It's really rather neat - because IDK how many times I've tried naming something other than just "RED Pants" etc..

The other utility mentioned was the color schemer, this one has been around for a while and several of you probably have already heard of it. But for those who haven't here's the link: or or
Any of those will pick colors based on complimentary, tertiary or analog... I think that this is a good tool if you are trying to pick out colors for a building or trying to find the best match for an outfit etc...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think colors are so subjective. I can say I might favor a color or another, but when faced with an outfit and their color choices, I pick the one that speaks to me, and I admit it's not always what I would expect. Also seasons change, new trends in's hard to quantify I think!

    But my real point for this comment was to tell you about a website I love for color which is it's a great source of color inspiration! I love browsing the pallettes :)