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Customer Lists and Subscribe-O-Matic and Kiosks

Monday, January 26, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:12 PM

As you know - I'm pretty active on the XStreet forums and speak my mind with abandon (yes, I know it's a dangerous game). Well anyway - a merchant was asking Qs in the business section about her customer list - apparently someone had filed an AR against her because the group notices were too frequent?

I'm wondering how you guys feel about notices and what you would consider too frequent. Generally I go in spurts - you won't hear from me for about two-three weeks at a time and then I'll send four notices in a week. Is that too much? Should I hold back? I get excited about the products I make and although I do try and plan it out - sometimes sending the notice is what needs to be done at the moment.

Also would you rather be in a traditional SL group or do you like the subscribe-o-matic or kiosk group? With the SL group - it's easy enough to leave the group but with subscribe-o-matic or kiosk groups, you actually have to go to the kiosk to "leave" the group. I also think the potential for abuse is there because you simply just need the avatar name to add them to the group - there is no permission or whatever for the person receiving the group messages. I wouldn't do that - I don't want to make anyone angry or uncomfortable etc... I also want to maintain a good relationship with my customers - if you're happy, then I'm happy.

Your thoughts and opinions are very welcome - encourage and even begged for on this matter. Post your comments here or drop me a notecard or even drop a notecard in my suggestion box if you wish to remain anonymous.


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  1. Several times I've left BOTH kinds of groups because of the constant notices. I have a large business in SL (actually several) and one of the largest subscribe o matic groups there are (almost 8000 members) and I have made it a practice and vowed to them that I will never spam them. To me that means one notice a week. If I HAVE to send another notice it will be some sort of important information regarding an error or a message to my store affiliate vendors. The only issue I've ever had was someone didnt realise they had clicked the subscribe o matic kiosk and didnt even know what it was and had me banned from a sim for spamming (even though the message only came to her, she didnt understand she subscribed) Other than that, by sticking to one notice per week, my group has done nothing but grow constantly and at an amazing rate. Most people dont seem to have trouble coming in to click it again if they want to unsubscribe but that is rare.

    I whole heartedly recommend subscriber systems. They helped me reach 100 times as many people as I would have with an in world group.

    Ivey Deschanel (Sn@tch)

  1. 4 posts a week is not too many. One a day is the most I can tolerate and I don't want that many. However, I have left groups of designers I like because they post more than one a day...usually a notice, then a forgot to send the LM, then a "we're having so much fun here" with a LM.

  1. I use subscriber kiosk, love it, thanks Laynie :D
    Hart has some nice addons for it which I LOVE LOVE (thanks Hart).

    I used subscribo-matic too... and I won't go back- subscribo is faster in sending objects though- to me.