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Soigne Group freebie - and how to join the group

Sunday, December 28, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:13 PM

Ok - a word on the SWA, SODA and Bonbonniere groups - no we're not going to abandon you completely. But we are moving everyone over to the SoigneKiosk and Soigne-Updates groups - what this means is that you will get 3X the freebies. We will try and limit it to 1-2 notices per week.

Any way - if you join the Soigne-Updates SL group or the Kiosk group, you will get a free Cami-Laced Dress in white! Go ahead and click on the Kiosk and get the item or join the group and look at the most recent notice to get the item. Either way you win.

Another thing to note is that special sales that will be available only to SL group members will be going out - you will have to wear your group tag to participate and get the advantage.

Here are examples of the Soigné group signs - the kiosk one doesn't affect your group standing, the SL Group one does. There are signs for both outside our shops in Soigné. All you need to do is touch one. So touch it baby, touch it!!!!

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