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New Winter Brush and a Free Frost Brush for PSCS2&3

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:09 PM

Need frost, snow or clouds to enhance that wintertime image?

I just released a HUGE collection of Photoshop Dynamic Cloud, Frost and Snow brushes - dynamic means that they AREN'T stamps. Check them out: Arctic Gale Brushes

They are only $3 - but if you want some for free...

If you don't have an account at TurboSquid - that's ok, you can buy them directly from me now (yay!) just click here:

and the file will be delivered to you! You do however have to have a credit card or paypal...

Checkout my Frost & Tip brushes for free here: Frost & Tip

I've tested them in CS2 & CS3 and they work fine in both versions - so have at it peeps!

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