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NEW ITEMS at SWA and NEW SIM and a few other things

Monday, December 22, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:37 PM


New releases - hot off the computer....

These are variations on the Tartan outfit - Green, Pink and White. Only $L350.. Pretty darn cheap for everything you get! 2 different colored turtle necks, Peacoat Jacket, Leggings, Beret, 2 different belts etc...

Plus some other news - Yes I have moved. SWA is now on the Soigne SIM with SODA and Bonbonniere. Please come by and check it out to see the new diggs. Also - sign up for the Soigne group either via SL groups (Soigne-Updates) or via the subscriber group if you don't have any more group slots.

Also we have our own website: and facebook group call SOIGNÉ. We will be posting notices there and specials for those who go to those sites specifically. Special priviledges for those who wish to be included. Freebies, gifts, advance notice of sales etc...

Also I am having a candy cane hunt - well I was, I think they're gone now. BUT I will be putting out more later on tonight and tomorrow - before xmas, so don't stop searching... The candy canes give out money 0-25 and I will be putting out some other gifts for you as well so stay tuned!

The Fashion show went well - although there were a few griefers, lovely that people have so little to do that they have to bother us. They were nekked! I told them that I have some freebies in the store - so please cover up - just a bit! I had to ban them though cause they wouldn't get off the stage - sad really. My husband was a little dismayed cause the girl was actually kinda pretty. In a cartoon kinda way. "I'm not really bad - I'm just drawn that way" Any way - I will be posting a link to the video and for those interested in the Fashion show book - I will be putting it in a kiosk soon. If you want a copy now - please IM me.

Also I just released a photoshop brush for all you digital painters and sl fashion creators. Fur brushes! You can get them on Renderosity - click here: SUZTV FUR BRUSHES. They're only $5 USD and are great for post work or creating fur texture. Just trying to get a new computer so I can create more lovely stuff! This is a great gift for someone if they do digital painting or postwork.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas/Holiday and please don't be afraid to drop me a line!

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