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NEW SWA Store at DIS Secluded Cove Mall

Saturday, November 1, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:37 PM

Ok - new store, but this time at a mall run by the designers...

Second Wave at Secluded Cove

I will be using it as a "New Release" spot, and right now you can go there and get all of the new fall fashions at half of the normal price! The Mall will be open at 12 noon SLT - There will be tons of designers there so please come by and take a look! This mall will be the one hotspot that you can go to that will have the latest and greatest!

Also - I am a part of the grid wide hunt. I have set out 3 pumpkins at my Plush Omicron Store and there is a fall outfit that you cannot buy at the moment in the pumpkins as well as a lingerie set.

Be sure to Stop by the main store to get your freebies before the hunt is over!

SecondWave Apparel - PlusOmicron

One more little thing - I have entered a the Crestock Photoshop contest and would love it if you could comment/vote on my entry: Voting starts November 3rd - Click on the picture to go directly to my entry:

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