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Fall items on SLX now reduced - buy your sweetie a gift!

Monday, November 17, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:05 PM

I have put the new fall collection on sale on SLX (or exchange street) - so for all of you who want to purchase one as a gift. Take a gander and feel good in knowing that you got it at a discount but your girl will look oh so Haute!

Click on the images below to see sale items:

All of the items are still on sale at the main location - so if you're buying for yourself and want to shop around at the store - go ahead!

SecondWave Apparel - PlusOmicron

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  1. jewel says:

    I am putting on a fashion show in June of 2009, and I'm looking for someone to sponsor the clothes. I was hoping that just maybe we can work together. I own a hair salon in Atlanta Ga. I wanted to do a show to get the word out. I will do the hair and their will be a make up artist. Your clothes are FAB!

  1. Suztv says:

    Jewel - that sounds great but there is one little thing, I make digital clothing. I could maybe do this if we did a cross-over (virtual/real) fashion show in tandem with a Real Life Designer... But otherwise - I don't think that I am the person you are looking for.