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Everything at SWA- HALF OFF OR MORE!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:41 PM


And you know that SWA doesn't hold back when having a sale either. Also SODA is having a sale on all of her skins and Bonbonniere is discounting jewelry to boot - so whether you need a new skin or you just want some jeans and a pair of earrings - you are in luck! The sale will last until Sunday - so hurry up and tell your friends and get yourself some SWA-SODA-BON goodness for an outrageous price! For those of you who are wondering - our stores are right next to each other and we love it when our customers go from store to store.

I've sent a notice to Fashion Con and my groups as well as FashionLife - so if you want a LM in world - look at your notices! Otherwise click on the link below to be transported to the humungous sale!!!

SecondWave Apparel - PlusOmicron

Oh yeah - this includes the latest and greatest fall outfits. And if you want a preview of those you can go here and see if they are worth the time to TP to the Plush Omicron Fashioncentric local:

SWA Fall Fashion Show

Thanks to D&F Modeling for such a fantastic job!!!!

Here are some images of SOME of the items on sale (everything is on sale):

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