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In the spirit of friendly competition...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:25 AM

I found out from a customer that someone had made a top that resembled the Roman Halter that I made last year. Well of course with people having things ripped and copied all over the place I went straight away to the merchants store. I have got to tell you that I was so relieved to find out that no - this wasn't a copy, and no this wasn't a modification to my texture, and no it wasn't even an exact copy of the design. So what was it? It was a different take on the Grekko/Roman style in a halter top. Yes the design is similar - it has the same look and feel but that is about as far as it goes, she did her designs herself and you can definitely tell.

I thought that this is actually a great opportunity to introduce another designer and hopefully gain some marketing momentum for the Halters which have quite frankly waned a little bit in sales. GryphElyse Wingtips has her black and white Goddess halters on sale for $L1.00 each; so in the spirit of healthy competition I did the same to the black and white versions of the Roman Halter. I encourage people to go to both places and check out the tops themselves and perhaps buy a few of the other colors on top of the dollarbies. I think that while what she did is similar I feel that her execution is really cute. I am also not one to get caught up in petty jealousy or rivalry (ahem, we have all seen that over and over). I would rather help promote new or unknown designers as it helps everyone learn and grow. This ideal benefits not only the new designers but customers and older designers alike. I mean - if someone makes a top that is the same style as me then her customers and my customers could benefit by going to both stores (not to mention gain a wider audience for both designers). Below are some comparison pics of both tops - I have included the landmark to her store as well so please be sure to check it out.

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  1. Chic Aeon says:

    SO glad all is well since I blogged those on the 3rd of August. I thought her store was very nice and she seemed to have a following (as you do of course) so perhaps this is truly a good thing. There are only SO many ideas in the world (wink).

  1. you are a class act. :) That is very sweet of you.

  1. congrats what a refreshing change -

  1. GryphElye's textile work is great, and she also makes awesome hair, as well as being a completely lovely person. Well done Sioxie for being such a class act in your post as well!