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Down, down, down we go...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:25 PM

SecondLife™ has had some major issues the past few days... It's funny that after they announce the whole new trademark and branding policy their internal database administration policy is what looks like needs the revamp. If I were running a business like SecondLife™ I would sure as hell make sure it is running like clockwork before letting lose the "trademark" and "copyright" for LindenLabs™ marketing campaign. I mean what is a brand worth if all it really means is that they are continually down, they don't respond to content theft, and they constantly have issues of varying degrees with their software/platform.

Yes, join SecondLife™ and experience computer and software issues similar to what you would find with Vista™. You can create content, but never access it. Dream your world but never build it.

Anybody wish Apple would take them over??? Jeesh!

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  1. SySy Chapman says:

    its getting TOO ridiculous lately..its a daily message "in world issues" pffffff :(