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Wednesday, January 2, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:28 AM

Here's a new Cami-set based on the cami I created for the LeFleur Silk Pant suit. Lacey panties with the super lacey Camisole - of course satin in just the right places. The cami can be worn with just about anything but goes just as well all alone. Cami's come on 3 layers and the panties on 2. Transfer/Modify for those of you who wish to gift...

Fashioncentric! Second Wave, Plush Omicron (162, 224, 23)

Here's a few pics...

What am I wearing...

Hair by Calla - Calla Coriander Brunettes (Chestnut) Thank you Tigerlily!

Eyes: SWA..::Sioxie Legend::..Blue Monday

Skin: SWA..::AmelieSkin::..Tawny_Brunette-Taupe

Earrings: Bon_StarRain_Pink by Bonbonniere

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  1. DEFINITELY one of my favorite releases of the new year :) The top is so versatile..and pretty :)