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Tux Dress - Now available!

Saturday, October 27, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:14 PM

To those in the know and for those of you who just weren't aware, the cocktail dress that I have been working on is finally done and I am proud to present the SWA Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. Based on the Poll I decided to create a Cocktail dress (since my strength is clothing and not shoes).

This dress is a Tuxedo style short dress with satin, satin, satin all over it. I have included a lace cami, and long sleeve lace top to wear under the tux top - although it is super sexy without the lace, so the choice is up to you. Along with the dress you get a pair of satin gloves that match that dress's color. I have created Nine fabulous colors that will look smashing for any event or party.

One difference on this dress compaired to other SWA items is that I have made the dress and all of the parts Modify/Copy/No-transfer. I really couldn't do it any other way since you might have to modify the skirt portion and I was worried about people ruining their only copy. One of the things that makes this dress special is that my RL sis made special shoes and earrings to go with this outfit. Cute tuxedo bows are on the earrings and shoes and match the outfit so nicely - stop by her store Bonbonniere if you want to create the entire ensemble.

Comment on this if you have time and make sure to stop by and drop a note if you are in-world.

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