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Monday, October 29, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:48 PM

Ok - based on the recent response and sales of my latest creation. I want to know what you want. Do you want copy/modify or modify/transfer for your clothing items. Obviously I can't give full perms - If I did that I might as well give it away... ;) Answer the poll on this blog page in the upper righthand corner and let me know...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a couple alts, and I very much prefer trans items so I don't have to buy things two and three times. (I refuse to do this, of course.) I will always shop places first that let me transfer. When I buy something, I feel like I bought it, and I should be able to do as I like with it, give it away or whatever. (I personally never sell anything - I just give it to one of the alts if she has a formal event and needs an evening gown or whatever.)I know there are people who say they make many outfits with copies, but I have to wonder how much clothing they are buying, because I'm close to 30,000 inventory items as it is without making copies for various outfits. I don't think heavy shoppers have room in their inventories for making tons of copies or it takes an hour for the inventory to build. And don't you want the heavy shoppers? My 2 cents for what it's worth. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, because I know the designers like the non-trans items so they don't see them sold at yard sales and because it solves some of those fraud issues of people claiming the vendor did not give them the item. But from a customer standpoint, please, please, give me transferable items! :-)

  1. Tymmerie says:

    I like having the option of which version to buy. Especially for men's items!!!!! My SL BF does not shop for himself (rolls eyes) and instead has asked me to pick up some things for him when I am out shopping. (He does pay me back.) Plus, I LOVE giving gifts to him and to other friends. It is such a pain in the behind to have to IM the designer and wait to get an item delivered as a gift (sometimes more than a week later) that I do not bother sometimes and I'll buy from somewhere else. I like copies for use with my inventory closet (it won't let me store items that are no copy) or if it is something I need to adjust. But I don't have any reason to transfer these items. Please give us the option of choosing. **I could practically guarantee that sales of men's clothing in SL would skyrocket if it was easier to transfer them.** Think about the men in your RL and how they acquire cothing.

  1. Anonymous:

    You know that is exactly how I feel about it. The only reason I put the tuxedo dress out as copy/mod is that I was worried people would mess their only copy up. No worries friends - I will re-release it with both a copy/mod and transfer/mod version so that friends can give away what they don't want and others can buy the copy/mod so that they can create several versions for their wardrobe. I appreciate all of your responses. :)

  1. Personally I prefer a choice. That's my two cents. In general I like copy but on the other hand it can be nice to be able to transfer = not for resale but simply to give to a friend etc.

  1. Yep, I agree with the previous comments - I like having the choice. On some items, I'd like to buy a copyable version - if it's something I know I'm going to need to adjust and edit to get it to fit... I want copy, so if I mess it up - I can go back to the beginning. On other items, I'd sure like to have them transferable so I can give them away when I decide I'm finished with them or whatever. And lord have mercy - MODDDD on everything! (and I SECOND THE COMMENT on the men's clothing!!!!)

  1. Sarah says:

    I prefer copy. I like to make different outfit folders for quick changing and would like to use an item in more than one outfit. Also, I've started backing up my favorite items because I've suffered from inventory loss in the past.