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New Release and New Location

Saturday, January 2, 2010 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:32 AM

New Main Store Location
Happy New Year and Decade too. As I embark on this new year/decade my mind stays focused on new possibilities for Second Life and in my life. As you all know Soigne was sold because of several reasons (which I won't get into) but because of that the SIM owner has had to make that sim into an adult themed venue. While some of my items might be something that those who endeavor in that type of entertainment that they would buy - I really want the shopping experience to remain extraordinary and something that my customers enjoy and will want to come back to. I feel that this would not be possible on an adult themed SIM.

The SIM owner has given me a new home but one that I am familiar with - Excelsior SIM. The same SIM that WISH shoes calls home. The perveyor of WISH, Welpie Heinrichs is someone who has been a friend and supporter and has let me use part of her store as a satellite store, so some of you may have already been to the SIM and know that it is a haven for anyone with a craving for clothes, shoes, skins etc.

My only chagrin is that SODA is not coming with me. I really am trepidatious in this move without my old friend Charlotte Morelett, as she is the one who introduced me to SL and honestly I owe her a lot in more ways than one.

In any case - the store has been relocated and you can find all of the SWA items there - here is the slurl if you'd like to stop by and take a peak. It is the same store design that I had changed it over to a few weeks ago but for all intents and purposes - it's a whole new store. I'll write more on it tomorrow but stop by and take a look!

Second Wave Apparel - Main Store at Excelsior

NEW RELEASE - Skulls T-Shirts.

Now I know that most people have enough T-Shirts to choke a virtual horse in SL but honestly a lot of those are based on T-shirt templates and even though Robin Wood's template is great (god bless her - she is one of the most proliferate and well known SL contributers) I feel that it wouldn't be fair for me to use it. So in typical SWA fashion I started from scratch and made another one that I feel exemplifies my skill as a texture artist.

On this T-Shirt I used artwork from GoMedia and DesignUS to create my own design. As you know I can never stop at one color or even a mundane palette of 4 or 5. I've created a Basics, Pastels, White and Black set of the T-Shirt.

The Basics include Red, Blue, Purple, HotPink, Green, Black and White with the designs in analgous colors. This is the same for the Pastel set. The reason I did this is because I wanted to make sure that you as a customer have the choice in your wardrobe to wear the t-shirt you want with the pants you love. So if you have a pair of purple jeans you adore - then you will have the top that can go with it.

I've also created a White and Black set that have the graphics in a set of colors - if you like to wear those shades, now you can wear Black but have a splash of red, green, blue etc. I think that this enables you to wear the basics while spicing it up a little.

If this release is popular enough I will create more designs and offer the same range of colors in packs. Oh yeah each pack is only 50L - and they all have at least 6 different shirts. Did I mention that these T-shirts have the added length? Yep - they do. And they come on all layers avalable, copy/modify - no transfer.

Second Wave Apparel - Main Store at Excelsior

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