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60L Sundays and SWA

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:55 AM

Some of you may know this already - but I wanted to make sure that all of you were aware that SWA is now part of the 60L Sundays group. What this means is that if you join the group 60L Sundays you will be sent a list of participating stores that each have an item out for 60L. This is a great way to find new stores or find some really great merchandise. I did the zippered Jeans this week - each set is only 60L and I marked down the fatpack to boot. I currently have these still at 60L and tomorrow is when I'll price them normally - so make sure you stop by and get a great bargain.

Also - don't forget to join the 60L Sundays group so that you get more bargains like this.

Second Wave Apparel @ Soigne

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