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Cross Tops are BACK!

Sunday, September 13, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 10:47 PM

It's BACK! The Cross-top is now revamped and ohhhh soooo sexy! Textures that really pop and look more realistic than your RL clothing - ok maybe not, but it comes damn close!!!

Right now you can purchase the Black, Red, Pink or White cross-top in a set that includes Latex, Silk and Knit texture... But wait - there's more! It wouldn't be a SWA kinda thing to limit the item to just one thing! No, I had to go and create Boy Shorts to match - so each set includes BoyShorts in matching textures/colors. Tops come on 3 layers and shorts on 2 layers.

All items are copy/mod - no transfer. Each color set is only L$150 - a total steal!!!!

Now initially the clothing images I uploaded were PNGs - looked great until I zoomed in - but no worries I fixed this small issue and I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for GoGo! She's the one with a mac daddy graphics card. Although I did notice it AFTER she pointed it out - I never would have known if it hadn't been for her eagle eye! Anyway - all of the texture issues have been fixed with TGA images. For you designers out there - PNG's may seem like the easy way to go, but don't do it! SL does something to the alpha on those puppies upon import and it ain't pretty.

Find the cross-top in-world here: Second Wave Apparel @ Soigne

I wanted to find out from you my dearies what colors interest you - comment here or send me a note in-world!

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  1. khan22 says:

    This is a very post.Now initially the clothing images I uploaded were PNGs - looked great.
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