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Bastet Jewelry in white and Lil bunny group gift

Saturday, April 11, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:41 PM

These are sooo cute! The bastet/Bast Cat goddess but this time in white. Puurrrfect sculpted goodness and really so chic it goes with just about anything. You can find them at the main store in the foyer next to the black earrings and charm bracelet.

To Visit the store in-world click here:

Second Wave Apparel @ Soigne

Also I have the cute lil bunny earrings available at the main store for the Soigne-Updates group member. To get them just go to the main store location, inside the foyer next to the Bastet jewelry is a sign for the bunny. Make sure you are wearing the Soigne-Updates group tag. If you aren't a part of the updates group - you can join by clicking on the poster outside, the top prim/sign is the SL group invite... Just click on it and you will be invited! :D

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