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New Shops at the Soigné SIM...

Sunday, January 11, 2009 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:58 PM

Iseult (my little sister in RL) the owner of Bonbonniere decided that she really didn't need such a large store and because of that we opened up some new shops for rent. Here's a pic of the stores as they look now. We are looking mainly for up and coming designers and people who believe in making their own merchandise. The people that we really need is a hair designer and maybe a mens clothing shop. Perks are that you will be able to send a notice once a week to the Soigne Updates group and Kiosk group and I pay for a 3k ad for Soigne once a week which will include your store name. If you are interested and want to rent from me - send me a Notecard with a few pics of your merchandise as well as how long you've been in business. Yes I'm picky - but I don't want just anyone renting here. I treat my tenants like family and only let those who are somewhat serious about this rent a shop. In other words - no BIABs and no affiliates.


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