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Friday, October 24, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 3:34 PM

I have been very busy - yes very busy indeed. Making costumes, making fall fashions, making sculptys - just madly making things.

Anyway - I have a fashion show tomorrow (October 25th) at 3PM SLT and YOU are invited. Yeppers - I want you to come and see the latest and greatest at SWA.

The fashion show will be a combination of Fall Fashions AND Costumes by me and my sister at Bonbonniere. Also Charlotte Morelett threw a really nice and witchy green skin together just for the Wicked Witch costume - you have to come to the show to see the costumes as I won't be releasing them until AFTER the show. The Fall Fashions are already on the floor and available for purchase so if you can't wait - go ahead and peek - but the costumes are a must see.

The Show will be held at Duettmann and Fraenkel's Forbidden Fruit Location - Be there or Be Square! Forbidden Fruit (184,127,601)

On a side note: A fellow designer released some really cute bikinis in animal prints - and since I know that you love animal print items (who doesn't?) I thought you might be interested in taking a look at her latest item. Haven Designs is the store name and the landmark is: *Haven Designs * *Sanctum Hair* , Sanctum (127, 127, 22)

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