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Dollarbie Dayz at SWA

Sunday, September 28, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:32 PM

At the main store and online via SLX and ONREZ all of the jeans that I first released here in SecondLife are now just a dollar for the next 12 hours - sale ends at 9PM SLT. This includes the Ripped Jeans and Butterfly jeans and several other styles. A lot of these styles are only available via OnRez and SLX - so if you go to the store don't be disappointed if all you find are the stars jeans and ripped jeans.

* Note: NONE of the leather, suede, silk or perfect fit jeans are included in the sale.

After this sale you will only be able to find these on SLX and ONRez in Order to make room for more items.

Mainstore: SecondWave Apparel - Plus Omicron

SLX Link: Sioxie Legend

OnRez Link: SWA Sioxie Legend

Items included in sale:

Sioxie::LaceVintage_Aqua, Sioxie::LaceVintage_Blue, Sioxie::LaceVintage_Gold, Sioxie::LaceVintage_Lavendar, Sioxie::LaceVintage_Pink, Sioxie::LaceVintage_Steel, Sioxie::Ripped Rose Vintage, Sioxie::RoyalVintageJeans, Sioxie::Stone ripped jeans, New Sioxie::Stars-Stonewashed-Blue, Sioxie::Indigo-Vintage, Sioxie::Stars-Stonewashed, Sioxie::Stars-Stonewashed-Gold, Sioxie::Stars-Stonewashed-Pink, Sioxie::Stars-Stonewashed-Purple, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Blue, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Brown, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-DrkGrey, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Grey, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Pink, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Pink 1, ..::Sioxie::..Cammo-Tan, Sioxie::Black-whiteflower 1, Sioxie::Blk-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::Blue Swirl Jeans 1, Sioxie::Blue-Snowfall Jeans 1, Sioxie::Blue-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::Green-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::LtPink-Snowfall Jeans 1, Sioxie::LtPink-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::Pink Elephant Jeans 2, Sioxie::Pink-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::Rainbow TieDie Jeans 1, Sioxie::White Jeans Blue Flower 1, Sioxie::White-Snowflake Jeans 1, Sioxie::Yellow TieDie Jeans 1, Sioxie::BlueHawaiin Print Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Berry Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Blueberry Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly DeepRed Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Grasshopper Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Pink Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Purple Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Rose Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Sunwash Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Tangerine Jeans, Sioxie::Butterfly Violet Jeans, Sioxie::Cheetah Print Jeans, Sioxie::Crushed Velvet Purple Jeans 1, Sioxie::Dollar Money Jeans, Sioxie::Fire-Stonewashed-Black, Sioxie::Giraffe Print Jeans, Sioxie::Hawaiian White Print Jeans, Sioxie::Red Corduroy Rose Jeans, Sioxie::Snowflake Red Jeans, Sioxie::Zebra-Large Print Jeans, Sioxie::Zebra-Small Print Jeans

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