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Vendors vs. Prims: PLEASE COMMENT!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 3:16 PM

Today I did an inventory of my items. Shockingly enough, I have over 600 different items available. I am not counting freebies or seasonal giveaways because - well I only give those out at certain times and I don't really count them. Anyway, I wanted to ask you all if you prefer prims over vendors even if it means getting a more limited selection. There is no way I can pack 600 different items into my store in single prims and even if I go through and "archive" the older stuff or items that just aren't as popular - I would still have at least 300 prims to contend with. So my question to you is:

Would you prefer a vast selection in vendors over single prim signs?

If you prefer single prim signs would it bother you if less "Single" items were available but fatpacks were the norm?

The only reason I'm asking is that several people have stated that they prefer the single prim when they shop. Although others have stated that the vendors don't bother them - so I'm not sure which one people really prefer or would mind. I went out of my way to have a vendor created for me that displayed the price and when you click on it, it behaves more like a single prim in that the price is already in the payment amount HUD - the only downside being that the item is in a package instead of being delivered to you in a folder. Which seems to be the main point of contention. I wish that there was a way to deliver items like clothing without the boxed problem but it is something that SL just won't do.

The items that would have to be segregated into fatpacks are the Roman Halters, O-Ring Bikinis, Twisted Glitter Bikinis, Tranquil Escape bikinis, Leather Pants, Leather Jackets, Cross-tops, Angelina LST, Hayworth LSTs, Silk Pants, Suede Pants, Capris, Camis, Henley Tanks - well you get the point. I wouldn't put ALL of the items into one pack - more like category packs (Darks, lights, silks, animal prints etc). This would save on space and prim count but it would make those items less available to those just wanting ONE top or ONE bikini. Some designers have told me that I should archive my older items - but maybe I'm too emotional but I feel that some people would want those items available. This happened just recently with the Roman Halters - I took them down because no one was buying them but yesterday I got IM'd regarding them and did I still have them.

Please comment on this as I am interested in your view! The more comments the better!

I am listing everything that I have available and how many of each item so you can see my dilema:

Items Number of colors/patterns
Siren Dress 14
Tux dress 10
Cinderella gown 6
Sleeping Beauty gown 5
Leather jackets 13
Peek a boo hearts 9
Basic bra and panties 8
Corset & Panties 6
peek a boo lights 6
Peek a boo darks 5
Sweet patch jean set 8
Zipped jeans set 3
Sweet patch skirt set 2
Leather mini and vest 9
Tennis pro outfit 11
Grand Slam 8
Corsetted 3
La Fleur suit 2
Suede mini and vest 13
capri 21
Perfect fit Jeans 13
Zipped jeans 5
Ripped jeans 5
stars jeans 4
Leather pants 16
Silk pants 11
Suede pants 11
Denim mini-skirts 24
bikini and shorts set 12
twisted glitter 21
o-ring bikini 16
TE swimsuit 25
cross tops 49
Henley Tank top 14
Hayworth LST 13
sleeveless turtleneck 9
bow necktie top 8
cami 34
Ruched Cami 22
Angelina LST 13
Garbo top 10
Laced cami set 8
Crop top 8
Roman Halter 58
Tube top 15
laced tank 9
Harlow vest 6
Corset top 3
o-ring top 5
Leather vests 23

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  1. Good questions, Sioxie! I'll be interested to see others' thoughts on this. Most of the time, I avoid vendors (unless the item showing is the exact item I want). I almost invariably find them too slow to cycle thru. I don't curse the folks who use them, 'cause I do understand the prim issue -- but I usually don't buy from them. I'm wondering if using the kind of vendor that Miriel Enfield recently put out might address part of your issue. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I thought it was a pretty nifty way to do a variety of color choices of the same item.

    It would bother me if I couldn't buy singles. I don't buy many fatpacks. I will buy small packs of two or three colors.

    I like to get things in folders over boxes -- but it isn't a deal-breaker for me.

    Would using something like OnRez be an option for "archiving" older/less popular items?

    Good luck! I know there is no one perfect answer :) I'll still buy your stuff no matter what :)

  1. Hi Sioxie:) On the whole I prefer prims, but I understand your dilemma. And now that I know how to use your vendors I'm cool. I'd hate to have something taken down that I didn't know I wanted until it was gone LOL. The one problem I do have is that it is not always immediately clear what is where. Perhaps clearer signage as to what is in each vendor would help and some rethinking of the various sections. Some things just aren't where I would expect them to be. On the other hand I am fine with boxes as it makes gifting nicer.

  1. Lexi Morgan says:

    Hi Sioxie! Single prim for sure. I went this route a few years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Just like most of my customers, I enjoy being able to wear something without having to unpack it. Plus, who needs the extra lag from vendors.
    The last time I did an inventory count, I was up well over 2000 items for sale. That was last year.
    With most every new release I offer individual colors (usually a max of 8 color choices) or a fat pack. The only problem with that would be prims of course. I wouldn't be able to do it without owning my own sim, so I don't know if I'm too helpful there.
    Hope this helps a little though! ~Lexi

  1. Salvia says:

    I personally hate vendors, but it's mostly because my computer is slow and takes FOREVER to rez things. I just don't have the patience to wait for vendors to rez.

    Particularly for your clothing, I almost always buy them in packs -- I'm thinking of the capris that were in floral packs, animal print packs, etc. -- I would buy those rather than singles, or fatpacks of everything.

    I like Nissa's suggestion of OnRez, too. Maybe you could leave everything up there and pare down the selection at the store.

    Either way, I love your stuff!

    Thank you for the opportunity to make suggestions.

  1. I sympathize with your dilemma, Sioxie. Is more space (say, a second "outlet" store) not an option?

    I don't have an objection to vendors, but the fact is I seldom buy from them. I don't have the patience to let them rez, unless I already know that what I came for is in there. Even then, sometimes not.

    And I don't mind boxes, but folders are much less work because you don't have to worry about deleting the extra copy on the floor and the extra copy in inventory.

    I rarely buy fatpacks anymore, and for some reason small packs annoy me - probably because the colors I like best are usually in different packs. I'm more likely to pick my top two singles, if I can't decide on just one.

    Here's something else to consider, for what it's worth. I am a sucker for clearance sales, retirement sales and leaving-sl sales. I bet a lot of people are. I've been known to spend a lot more than usual when I know something is going away forever. ;-)

  1. I DO have my stuff on OnRez AND SLexchange. I've posted links and you can find most of my items there. :( IDK why people don't know this. I guess I need to put a sign up front or something.

  1. Yes, definitely put a sign up for your OnRez and SLExchange stuff! If you need to pare down, you could keep fatpacks of the older or less popular stuff in your store, and prominently display a sign letting your customers know that individual colors are available on one those sites. Paring stuff down can be a pain, I know! I have a personal policy at my store that if something hasn't sold in a month, it goes to the discount section for half off or more. If it still hasn't sold in the next month, I remove it from the store. My husband has built a website that takes the information from the xml files you can download from SL's websites and tells you all kinds of useful information from them, including how many of what sold, which I cross-reference with my total inventory to see what didn't. He keeps saying he's going to polish it up for public release but you know men :P At any rate, something like that may work for you, if you know of another site that does that (I know some other designers have mentioned having something that helps them manage their xml files) or if you just have the time to do it by hand. Then you'll know what stuff probably won't be missed. Good luck with your store cleanup!