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Missing Inventory??

Thursday, July 3, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 11:21 PM

I have been getting quite a few messages and notes about people not receiving inventory or not being able to find items that they purchased. If you bought something and then didn't receive it - please run a search on your inventory FIRST. You can do this by typing in the name of the item in your inventory window - if the item is there it will show up in the items found. If you can't remember the exact name - let me know and I'll send it to you.

If it still is missing - then send me a note. Do not IM me on such matters because IMs get capped and even though I have them sent to email - god knows SL might not deliver. In the note you HAVE to specify what you bought - just telling me that you bought a Roman Halter or pair of capris isn't enough - for example I have over 50 different halters and 35 different capris, so you can see that if you aren't specific I cannot help you. It also helps to copy the transaction information from your account into the note. Although, I will check on my end as well.

Also note that all copy/mod transaction are non-refundable - but that doesn't mean I am cold-hearted and won't try to help you if a transaction goes awry. Send a note and I'll try to work it out with you. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase and I will try to make it so that you are.

Transfer/Mod transactions can be refunded BUT take this with a grain of salt please, only with good reason (like you wanted the blue one not the pink); also I will not refund purchases that are older than 90 days for transfer/mod/no copy items.

I also try to be as accommodating as possible but I am only human and this is not my full-time job. So if I don't answer right away, don't take it personally and please don't think I am avoiding you. I take pride in answering people's questions and taking care of problems as soon as humanly possible so help me help you by doing your part and filling in all of the information on a notecard.

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