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SWA Swimwear - 25/20

Sunday, June 15, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:39 PM

All of the SWA swimwear is only L25 and L20. Now I know I only have the O-Ring-Bikini, Tranquil Escape Monokini, Twisted Glitter Bikini, and the Bikini Short Set; but if you take into consideration the range of colors for each swimsuit - well you are looking at a tsunami of swimwear. If you don't have a swimsuit - or just need a new look, stop by and pick one of these up. You won't be sorry.

Twisted Gliter/Sparkle Bikini is only L25 the Tranquil Escape Monokini is only L25, the O-Ring-Bikini is only L20 and the Bikini Short Set is only L25

Comments from other bloggers:

Gogolita: "Glitter bikinis rooooooooock!!!!"

Fashionable Heart: Heidi Volare - The texturing on it is wonderful.

Ana Luetitia on the O-Ring-Bikini: My favourite is the white. I love to see a tanned body wearing a white bikini!

Dakota Lubitsch: What I love about them is that the top is available on 3 different layers and the bottom on 2!

Store locations:
Plush Omicron: Secondwave Apparel
SC Design: Secondwave Apparel SC Design
Malia: SWA @ Malia Mall

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  1. Ana Lutetia says:

    The bikini and shorts set is so cute