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Wednesday, June 4, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:59 AM

I have noticed a steep decline in people in my store(s). More so than usual. Did I miss something? Is there another mega sale somewhere? I want to make a success out of my business here and I do try. Maybe not hard enough though. I notice some people churning out item after item. I realistically cannot do that (I work FT at a job in Atlanta). The most I can do is 2-3 items a month, sometimes more if I have a lot of caffeine that day, but I digress. Any suggestions (other than the ones I have pointed out before) are welcome. Are my items not good? Do they not hit the spot. Maybe they just plain suck? I look around as a strong vacuous sound fills the room.

So help, drop me a note - comment here. I just need to know what it is that I'm not doing that others are. Maybe all I really need is a shoulder to cry on. As I've said before - my moods are like roller coasters so next week, maybe I'll be more glib.

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  1. Sioxie,

    Your stuff is great, and very affordable. I think your problem might be that you are (I think) only in one location? I find many of my favorite stores appearing in more than one location, when I am out and about shopping. So they get more traffic than a single store would. Just something to consider.

    Princess Ivory

  1. fancyfairy says:

    No you're not alone, I have noticed it too.
    Is it the economy, or... do I offend? Bad breath?? LOL
    But yes I'll echo you and say to all our customers, if there's something you're missing, let me know:)

  1. Penny says:

    I can't believe you aren't selling your wonderful clothing! Your cami's and o-ring bikinis are the first things I grab when i want to feel really great looking for a day at the beach . . . and i live at the beach in sl!

    I wonder if the casual wear market is flooded and with lots of freebies . . . but it certainly isn't the quality of your work or the creativity of your designs. Oh, and I love the miniskirts . . . both as a skirt and as shorts. Totally awesome!

    Please don't be discouraged.

  1. Sere says:

    LOL...I just did a review of your fab dress Mon Cherie on my blog, posted it this evening! Your situation is exactly the kind of void I wanted to fill. Great designer, who does this as a sideline, needing exposure. I hope you don't lose the faith, I was very impressed with your work! Keep churning out work when you can, and letting us know when you do!

  1. Sai Pennell says:

    I am going through the same thing. Even after a FashCon notice at my store, there is probably 10 people who show up at most. A few months ago, there used to be tons. So you are not alone :P

    I have come to the conclusion that it is caused by soaring gas prices. (where I live in the states its now $4.43 a gallon TT_TT) So, I'd like to think the reason people are not shopping at my store, is because they are cutting back their spending, even in the virtual world. :D

  1. Hi Sioxie,

    I'm sorry to hear about the drop in activity at your place! :(
    I looked at your work and I think that the designs and texturing is gorgeous - you obviously take much time and care with your fashion.
    One thing I have come to realise while talking to designers/shop owners is that having a business in SL takes just about as much time and effort as it does in RL.
    Naturally it helps if you can turn out lots of new items every week or so, then your presence in the fash-blogs/feeds is higher, but I always say that only half of a business are the products, the other half belongs to that giant called MARKETING! Sadly enough for the time-stressed, this activity takes ages too, but it keeps the customers coming.
    A few tips:
    * I think one of the masters in Marketing is Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch. She sends out a quirky notecard to her group members nearlly every week and fills us in on her new stuff, or sales, or discounted items. Usually she will have a great freebie for us too, but we have to tp to the shop and search for it among the vendors - which is loads of fun.
    * Another good place to get your name/shop known is to drop a freebie/dollarbie on the freebie blogs (Free*Style, The Freebie Telegraph, Fab Free, El vestidor de Julieta, etc.etc.). Hundreds of fashion junkies will read this and go and check your store out... a small percent actually to stop to buy other things too! :)
    * Participating/organising treasure hunts is also a fantastic way to get traffic going.

    Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox now! LOL
    May not have told you anything new, but those are the things that seem to work well inworld!

    Good luck and take care,

  1. Chi says:

    I'm sorry that you're going through this tough period. Perhaps it is due to changes in people's schedules as they adapt to the end of the school year and summer vacation? I have talked to another designer who commented that summer was always the slowest time.

    In any event, for what it's worth I know that your stuff is not crap, and I've found you to be a great supplier of separates. I hope that you will keep designing and keep enjoying it.

  1. Hi Sioxie -- just wanted to add my thought that your stuff is fabulous! I don't have any great new ideas for you -- but wanted to assure you on that point :) I think folks may be right that we are cycling thru a lower-shopping time -- and some of the other thoughts and tips sound right to me as well. I hope you'll hang in there, because your work really is fabulous!