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Monday, May 12, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 1:25 AM

I want to know what you want. Let me hear it! Send me a note with your full avi name about what you would love to see made and I will send you a free Twisted Glitter Bikini - in Gold. But you HAVE to make sure you include your Avitar name and you HAVE to let me know what you want - otherwise it's no gold for you.

Do you want more shorts? What kind? Prints or Colors? Or perhaps you think SL has a severe lack of bathing suits - well what kind do you want? Bermuda shorts, capris, jeans you name it! More mini-skirts perhaps? LET ME KNOW!

You can send it to me directly or leave a note at one of my suggestion boxes here:

Plush Omicron: Secondwave Apparel

This is important!

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