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Texture Reseller?

Sunday, March 23, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:47 PM

* Girl's Paradies *, Terra Tron (212, 68, 24)

That is the LM location of the texture reseller, where the person - who was selling my vest, said she got the texture from. I looked around and could not find any of my items but I did notice a whole lotta other stuff. If you make shoes, hair, clothing, furniture, jewelry or any other item in SL you may want to check this place out (although the Pepto Pink will make your stomach turn). I did not recognize anything but I want to make sure that people are aware of this area. If you do find you stuff there and need information on filing a DMCA - contact the group DIS or DMCA in-world. Of course you could always google it...

If these textures are stolen - it is a very sad sight. Anyone who has spent time and energy on making content will be upset. If the textures aren't stolen - the person who owns that area is VERY prolific (which I do not believe - the styles from one outfit to another vary drastically, and seem to differ on style as well as technique).

People who buy this stuff must be incredibly gullible - or they just don't care.. If you have bought a BIB or Texture Pack - I would love a response to this post as to why you bought it and if it would bother you to know if those textures were completely stolen? Or if you are a creator of BIB's - I would absolutely flip if you could comment and tell us why you would give your stuff away.

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  1. Funny how people are so ready to defend BIB's really have nothing to say when someone asks for actual data...


  1. Pretty sad indeed. Umm...I give up, what's a BIB?

  1. Oopps, nevermind. Missed the post before.

  1. I've had my own run-in with girls paradise. They were selling a few items of mine. I eventually got one of the staff to take my items down.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did business in a box before I really knew what it was, I thought it was a great deal on clothes *frowns* sadly, the clothes weren't that good in the one I bought and it was a waste of lindens (they were not for re-sell btw...I just bought for--I was new).

    I know others who bought business in a box because they thought it was a legit way to start a small side business. That these people were making these items FOR that purpose.

    I guess a whole host of reasons. Texture packs, I buy on occasion because I I am very new at Gimp. I bought them to make items. Not everyone can make their own textures and their are legit texture makers who run full perms. I don't know if I bought any stolen texture to be honest and would contact the person who originally made the texture to inform them.

    It's not that people are gullible, they just aren't always aware of everything going on in the grid because they don't deal with it constantly. I started a resell place and was horrified to learn some of the skins I paid good money for were stolen. That is how *I* found out about content theft. I'm not sure who the were ripped from, but a friend said they were most likely stolen, so I ditched them. Now I am very careful to see backtrack maker, sell foldered clothes ONLY (meaning, content creator is ALWAYS viewable via edit) and have a sign in my store to contact me immediately if anything is thought to be stolen so I can remove it.

    Anyway, just saw this and thought I would post my 2cents.

  1. mistyisforeverlost - Oh I totally understand why someone would buy the BIAB's, it does sound like a great deal - at least at first. People who buy the BIAB's are not at fault (unless they knew that the items were stolen before purchasing), and I consider them victims of Fraud - which is easier to convict people of apparently. If someone sold you a BIAB full of stolen goods you should not only report them to the designer but you should file a complaint with SecondLife and the Federal Trade Commission. They are trafficking stolen goods - it carries the same weight as if it were RL items. I am sorry that happened to you and I think it's unfair that people new to the game have to get bilked out of money this way... :(

  1. Godric says:

    I've purchased BIB packages, while that was while I was still new and hungry for content to use that looked nice in building and designing, I am also a business man outside of SL who has studied a bit on copyrights trademarks and such using the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosoki.

    I didnt realize until after I had a few of these packages that most of these textures where most likely stolen. And while I would hunt down the person who uploaded, education since has given me the realization that well, all I would have to do is download a texture and upload it to have my name attached. I am to the point now where when I am given textures when I ask, 'I have full rights to use this and you have full rights to give it to me for that use?' I cant do anything other then that and educate the one passing me the textures.

    Education will be the key... and you gotta get them when they are young in getting them to understand how its theft, but in a society where downloading a song for free is instant gratification over waiting for the store to open or have the funds to pay for it, well, I dont hold much hope.

    I dont defend BIB's but without them I would understand a whole hell of a lot less then I do now.

    And to those that just pass textures over to someone else, make sure its legal for you to do so, I would hate to be pissed at you for sending me a texture and end up with long hours invested in creating something based on those STOLEN textures.

    Ok, I think my rant is done... I do have a question... how could someone with a BIB know who the original creator of that content is, and once one person has broken the TOS for the purchase, all it takes is second inventory or having downloaded it to make it more prolific.

    Be Excellant to each other.

    Godric Kharg