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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 9:43 PM

There was a post on someone's blog or in a forum somewhere on what you should do to market and sell your wares. I'd like to re-visit that idea and I welcome any and all comments. I'll compile the list and post it on the internet with a link from here - plus I'll put a copy in my store so that people in-world can grab the information. I think it would be helpful to new merchants as well as some of us who have been here a while. I'll start with 15 things and those of you who want to add-on, please do.

  1. Put your name, your shops name and a landmark to your store in your creations or in the vendor
  2. Get a blog and blog about your arena (fashion, building whatever) weekly if not daily
  3. Join the FashionPlanet rss feed
  4. Join SL Exchange and OnRez - post your products there
  5. Come up with and use a logo
  6. Post your latest items on SL Forums, SL Exchange and SL Shopper
  7. Take clear pictures at different angles to use in your advertising
  8. Advertise on blogs, in magazines and in-world
  9. Take part in charity events and offer your help
  10. Cross-post - meaning that in your blog, notecard, listings, homepage etc.. you have links going back to your blog, shop slurl, SLExchange, OnRez
  11. Join FashionConsolidated
  12. Create an update group
  13. Give out freebies
  14. Be nice to the customer
  15. Offer to write for a magazine

I could add a ton more but I want to hear from everyone else - so let's hear it Fashionistas - what else should a designer do to get their name out there?

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  1. Owly Indigo says:

    I recommend adding, "Host a treasure hunt." I am a complete sucker for a treasure hunt.

    It may be a more effective marketing tool than a flat-out freebie, because visitors have to look around the store to find it - and may, in the process, find something they want to buy - rather than just TPing in, grabbing it as soon as it rezzes, and TPing out. Not that I haven't done that. *blushes with a tiny bit of shame, then gets over it*

  1. aslara Miles says:

    shopkeeper, use your profil and your recent profilpicks!

  1. Check out this Share-It Hud too, it's still in it's infancy but I think it could be a fantastic marketing tool and it's free to use.

    I've got all the info and links on this post on my blog.

  1. Eremia Woodbury says:

    Could someone write a Dummies Guide to SL Selling please?!
    As a new seller I would love to see a mentor scheme set up to help with all madness that goes with having a store. It's tough trying to get your name known in SL :/

  1. I've read several articles, books, blogs, etc..... and yours is the most concise but I must confess I read in your profile once that you barely have time to breath – I am just starting out and still trying to figure out which way is up! I have a lot more to do on that list - I hope I have time to breath! : ) Thank you for your help and direction.