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Zip it UP! New Zipper Jeans at SWA!

Sunday, December 9, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:32 PM

I just got done with these and so far the response has been - "GIVE ME MORE!" I had a lot of fun with them and while they look modern they still have that 80's thing about them (total 80's fan - what can I say I grew up in it). I have them priced at L$95 right now but their regular price will be L$175 - so get them while they're hot.

The new store at plush omicron only: Fashioncentric! Second Wave, Plush Omicron (162, 224, 23)

You get Two pair of jeans for each color - gold zippers and silver sippers is why - they also come with sculptie attachments and are copy/mod. So Modify away - you can always copy again and again. Right now I have them in Stonewash, Indigo, Dark Indigo and Charcoal.

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