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Who likes suede? I DO! I DO!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 2:34 PM

For those of you in the SecondWave Apparel group - you already know that these pants were released over the weekend - just not to everyone. So you have until tomorrow to get these pants at the ultra low price of L$75 - after today they go up to L$95. So hurry up and get your butt up to SecondWave and buy a pair NOW, cause they won't be this low again for quite some time.

Sexy Suede Pants with jean detailing and stitching. Beautiful shading and the texture is more than fab. Several people have stated that they absolutely love them and quite a few have come back to buy every single one available. Copy/Mod for right now - but I will be putting a Transfer/Mod version out soon. Oh yeah - they come on two layers AND there is a sculptie prim pant leg (YAY!). The pants are available in 11 scrumptious colors and trust me when I say this - you'll want more than one. So far Charcoal, Deerskin and Navy seem to be the favorites - but you can get DustyRose, Crimson, SpringGrass, Cinnamon, Lilac, Midnight Sky, Mocha and SteelBlue. I have posted a few images for you guys to preview - but they definitely look better than the image. SLURL to the Store: SecondWave Apparel

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