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Monday, July 9, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 6:33 PM

Just a little note to let everyone know that I will be coming out with a new item next week - trust me it's just what you need to get your "Love" on (and no this has nothing to do with sex!).

Also, on another note and with some drama; I was recently approach by an "entrepreneur" (I am using the word graciously) to become a partner in his so-called business (he wanted to take over my business and rebrand everything with his logo and he would run the show while I did all of the work - no thanks!). I ended up turning the "offer" down because A.) I don't work for free and B.) My instinct said to run...

That being said I found out a few other things about the content creators here in SL. Most of them are approachable and willing to offer advice - thanks to those who listened and offered me advice, you know who you are and I appreciate it immensly. I also noticed that contract work seems to have a degraded price here. If you compare hours to that of a freelance artist in the U.S. the content creators here are getting ripped or they just simply don't know about the going rate for design in general.

Make no mistake - the stuff we do here takes just as much effort and skill as it does to create a webpage or 3D game - so why don't the rates reflect it? I am assuming it is because of the "drift" between lindens and dollars, but that can't be the only reason. Are there just not that many "professionals" doing this? By professional I mean someone who has worked in the industry either as a freelance artist or for an agency - I in no way mean to offend anyone who is self taught or has never done design work before. Now, I am not talking about the price per item in world - the market dictates that. But contract design/programming work in-world is less than par with the market on similar items in RL.

Any comments are welcome - as I am scratching my head over the rate differences between SL and RL design work.

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  1. There's always someone in SL who'll do it cheaper? That and RL rates for custom work would make custom items cost orders of magnitude more than things that are in general release. Whether that means everything else is undervalued I really don't know, but the price disparity's one suggestion at least.