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Sexy Victorian Necktie Top and Electric Leather

Monday, February 19, 2007 , Posted by Suzanne Powell at 4:18 PM

Sexy Victorian Necktie Top that hugs your curves and creates such a huge impact. Open-front with a cute tie at the neck that enhances your cleavage but still attempts modesty. And yes, I went crazy with the colors AGAIN! 9 different colors on 3 layers (shirt, undershirt and jacket). I admit it isn't exactly "Victorian" as that would indicate no flesh showing - but what fun is that???

You can get these online at,, or inworld: SecondWave

Another New creation directly from Sioxie Legend's head - Electric Leather and White Leather Pants!

These are too hot to miss out on. These Leathers are so HOT the only way to explain it is to say "Electric".

Leather texture and extreme detail - modify and transfer.

Click below to order online:

Electric Red
Electric Blue
Electric Purple
Electric Teal
Smokin Hot White
Electric Pink is only available in-world at these locations:

Plush Elektra (119, 149, 22)
Saya Sakai Inc.Mall, Evalua (69, 40, 28)

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